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(Language: English)

If you want to improve your knowledge about safety, improve your resume, have a good excuse to visit Italy or you are just curious of how the safety coordination is managed in another country, don’t miss this opportunity to have a holiday in Italy.

We offer an individual 2 day course and you can learn about the Italian procedures to keep people safe (day one). You can also enjoy your staying visiting real construction sites (day two).

You can learn how Italians build and renovate safely.

This course is intended whether for total beginners or experts. This course can be individual (only for you) or group (for you and somebody who is with you). It’s totally personal and you can decide when you want to start it.

Try this new way to learn something new, get in touch with Italian companies and technicians, have a sunny holiday and get inspired!

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance and a regular invoice.

Price includes vat and taxes, accommodation (3 nights in a 4 stars hotel), bus tickets from and to Fiumicino airport in Rome.

Click “sign up” below to contact us and receive all the instructions for the registration.

1800 €
Individual or group
2 days - 16 hours
Porto San Giorgio, Italy
4 star hotel - 3 nights
(double room, breakfast included)
Teacher: Capodarca Matteo Attila
(Engineer and Safety Coordinator in construction sites)
Certificate of attendance + regular invoice
English language